Hayneedle Press Kit

Hayneedle is a Top 20 online retailer that has been serving customers since 2002. The company has built a stronghold within home furnishings and decor products, one of the fastest growing segments in e-commerce. With over two hundred online specialty stores, Hayneedle offers everything from hammocks to dart boards, doghouses and globes.

Shortly after a name and identity change Hayneedle came to Webster looking for us to create a few marketing pieces that would help define their brand language. Marketing for a company with over two hundred very diverse stores has many challenges. Hayneedle had already broken down their portfolio of stores into seven categories represented by a different color. We established a square grid as a consistent and unique way to show enough product thumbnails to give a hint to the vastness of choice they offer while leaving enough space for the pieces to breathe.


Designed at Webster
Creative Director: Dave Webster
Senior AD / Designer: Nate Perry
Designer: Drew Watts